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Well AStudent let's bury the hatchet preferably not in each other's head. If my joke offended you I'm sorry didn't mean it that way. I'll try and cool it with you all liberals but still disagree respectfully. If I ever get under your skin again send me a PM and I'll try and understand your concern. No sense tossing grenades back and forth anyhow. Got to get some sleep. "Tomorrow's another Day" the famous last line in "Gone with the Wind". See you all tomorrow. Thank you, thank you very much
Glenn and I can swap differences and still be respectful of each other. Sometimes the written word can let us down or difference in understanding in context but rather than automatically taking it personal we question the others post for clarification. So far I can not recall any time in the past few years that we could not have opposing ideas (most of the time) without one of us getting in a snit. Not really sure why others can not do the same (on his behalf or mine).