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    Furnace switches to auxiliary heat while in cool

    My Bryant/Carrier FB4ANF036 electric furnace/heat pump is acting strange. While have thermostat on cool-auto, the air will initially be cool then hot air will come out and I can smell the heating element kick on. If I switch the thermostat to off, the EM heat light turns on. Hot air continues to come out and the furnace will not turn off unless I turn the EM heat switch from normal to EM heat. The light then goes off and just recirculated air comes out of the air vents. I can repeat the above process an unlimited number of times. Cool air lasts for about 30 seconds before switching to hot air.

    Any ideas??

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    Call a service tech to diagnose and repair. Could be wiring, thermostat, control board, relay etc

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    Is it a new house/installation or did it work properly then all of a sudden start doing this?
    Agree with previous poster, a tech will need to look at it.

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