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    Bluetooth's Do you use them?

    So my son decided to give me his over used iPhone. Took me a week or two to figure out how exactly it all works, but its pretty great. I gave up my old samsung flipper phone for it, but the headset i use while on the road does not work. In my search for a new headset my son mentioned im here asking. Ive seen a few of you out there with these things in your ears...are they worth it? Do they work good? easy to use? I noticed they have speaker phones as well, i have been eyeing this Jabra Cruiser speakerphone, just wanted some advice before i bought something i know nearly nothing about!

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    I have tried the Jabra Cruiser and didnt like it. What I did was installed a pioneer stereo with built in blue tooth. I get hands free calling, internet radio, etc. etc for less then $150

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    Yes, I have used bluetooth ear pieces, and liked them just fine.

    However, BE SURE to get one that will fit your ear canal. First bluetooth I bought was a plantronics. Didn't fir my ear, and couldn't hear it worth a ****.

    Second was a Samsung. Has three different size ear jobbies, and was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Loved it. Comfortable too.

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    Plantronics Voyager here. Fits great and excellent call quality. I also like that the weight of the device is behind my ear and not hanging out of it.

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    Had a Jawbone2

    Loved it.

    Don't know where in the H**L that thing ever got to.

    I keep thinking about buying a new one, but I tend to use a wired headset while driving.

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    Get a Bluetooth anything, especially if 1. your state does not forbid cell phone use while driving and 2. You ever answer or make calls while driving.

    I had to get a new phone a few years back that was bluetooth compatible when I got "Hearing Appliances" (hearing aids). I had a early Jabra Jawbone, I think it was, and really liked it. It wouldn't work with the hearing aids but they came with a Bluetooth Interface that is absolutely awesome.

    My new slogan/soon to be bumper sticker "Hands Free or Hang Up and Drive !"

    I can't suggest a model but I will definitely recommend getting/Using Bluetooth devices while driving.
    If sense were so common everyone would have it !

    All opinions expressed are my own. Any advice provided is based on personal experience, generally accepted fact or publicly available information. As such, it is worth exactly what you paid for it, not a penny more not a penny less !!

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    Blue Ant. You can find them cheap on Amazon or they sell them in the store at Best Buy now. I have tried several different brands and they have been the best ones. Washed and dried my last one three times before it died. Bought another just like it and take a little more care cleaning out my pockets.

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    Get a Plantrnics Voyager.
    The noise cancellation is among the best, it has amazing battery life, very good controls, and won't fall off your ear.
    It isn't the most subtle of ear pieces, but it is very comfortable, and stays put if you need to wear it while you are working.
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