I have a Miller oil furnace that was converted over to natural gas about eight years ago in my mobile home. I'm researching pellet stoves and have what is probably an unusual request. I'd like to use the pellet stove as the primary heat source and the furnace to take up the slack on unusually cold days. I'd like a solution that would allow me to use a single thermostat to operate both. Something along the lines of on/off for the pellet stove at preset temperatures and if the pellet stove isn't bringing / keeping the house up to temperature it fires the furnace. I'd also like the option of having the air handling blower on the furnace to come on with the wood stove to circulate air.

The wood stove will be in the living room in the center of the trailer which has a higher vaulted ceiling than the two bedrooms & bathrooms on each end of the trailer. Without some circulation I expect that the heat will rise and not really flow into the two bedrooms. If a solution using the furnace blower isn't possible I'll have to hire someone to put an extra register in the living room and bedrooms and use dedicated ducting with an inline fan to circulate air from the center of the trailer to the two ends.

I've spoken with a couple stove installers but this kind of thing isn't really something they usually handle. Are there options out there that a HVAC professional could install that would accomplish this?