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    I've noticed the comfortnet ctk03 stat does look identical to the honeywell IAQ prestige 2.0. Has honeywell added any functionality to that thermostat for the goodman comfortnet name or is it the identical equipment with the comfortnet name on it?

    The honeywell YTHX9421R5077 package includes all sensors and accessories in one for loads cheaper than the goodman .. when reading the faqs on comfortnet website it says ctk03 includes some 4 pin connectors and a transformer to be installed inside the outdoor unit for the extra power required for the RedLINK wireless radio .. but it seems all those honeywell sensors are battery operated RedLINK sensors .. so what is goodman including a transformer for?

    You said .. "I've read about them. It's basically a honeywell IAQ prestige 2.0 that communicates" .. has honeywell has added something extra to this stat to communicate with the goodman comfortnet or they have only put the comfortnet name on the cover and included a transformer and some connectors?

    I am looking for the advanced modulating control the ckt03 offers and communication I guess for the Goodman modulating furnace but not sure whether the honeywell really does have all the same functionality as the comfortnet just without the name and the price tag. Or will this honeywell provide the same advanced modulating control as comfortnet for modulating furnace rather than what most 2 stage thermostats would offer to the modulating furnace.
    The ckt03 is a blend between the honeywell prestige and the the comfortnet thermostat.
    Beyond that, we're getting a little to technical for the open forums.
    Good luck finding a dealer that has one in stock. I haven't even seen the pricing yet.

    If your dealer is installing a modulating goodman, then he must use the comfortnet stat. From what i've heard the ctk03 combines the best of both worlds of honeywell and goodman, which includes humidification/ventilation, and a whole slew of options included in the prestige.
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