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    HEY, WAIT A MINUTE! who just got copped?

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    Wow! Just wow!

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    Pictures of your install would be great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NTkiller View Post
    NO! Well, it depends on your version of "touched it". If you're talking about the original install, then, no, it did not leak. Otherwise, yes.
    As for the forum's aditude, You treat me like I am stupid... We know just as much as ya'll do about these things.
    Yet you came here asking for advice.

    But we are having a unique problem with this unit.
    Water flows, and air blows.

    As for smarts, I got bored one day and took a dead window unit and converted it fron R22 to propane, and it still works today.
    There's a reason they don't make air conditioners with propane in there. I'd say that wasn't too bright. Your not helping yourself there.

    And another story. I got bored one day and rebuilt a briggs and stratton motor using common sense and a service manual for torque specs.
    which is directly related to residential HVAC.

    So please treat me as one of you. As for pics, I need to get hold of my phone and take some. Thanks for all of the replies, but I need some real help, not people telling me to go find some douche bag who will ask for a $XXXX and not do squat.
    Other than fix your problem.

    Who is So and So's anyways?
    As for us putting it in ourselves, we did not want to experiment with anybody else, since we aren't planning to leave the house anythime soon.
    Thats a great reason to find a good contractor.

    And besides, for us anyway, it has always worked better for us when we did the work ourself.
    Except for the water damage.
    As for warranty repair, the fine print got us. So and So's "warranty" at the time didn't cover freon as parts, so they got us there. Ah well.
    Thats not fine print. Thats how a HVAC warranty works. I was refering to the fact that you didn't have them fix the refrigerant leak on a 2 year old system, and THEN have them put in refrigerant. You should have known that they should have done that, because: "We know just as much as ya'll do about these things. "
    See above in red.

    Seriously, call a professional. Did you purchase the equitment off the internet?

    Ditto on qwerty.
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    "Better tell the sandman to stay away, because we're gonna be workin on this one all night."

    "Dude, you need more than 2 wires to a condenser to run a 2 stage heatpump."

    "Just get it done son."

    Dad adjusted

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    Do not post a companies name that you are dissatisfied with. We do not bash a company by name on this site.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Spray foam, tilted units, collapsed air filters, sounds like u have bitten off more than u can chew, which I have done a time or two myself. At some point u gotta say I'm in over my head and get professional help. Are u good w Sheetrock lol j/k this is so DIY and this is not a DIY site. This is how we feed our families and put a roof over there heads. Which by the way I call a professional to roof my house. Get a pro over there to see what u got, it might not even be that costly. Good luck

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    "and in the service manual to the condenser it said the way he had it wired had basically rigged it to blow itself apart".

    You found that huh!!!
    These are my favorite customers.
    Sometime down the road he will come to his senses and hire a PRO, someday maybe after $$$$.
    I usually walk away from these types, and never return.
    5% of your customers are 80% of your problems!!!!

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    Does the install gude metion a trap
    Stuff happens

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    WOW. When you moved the Air handler to shorten up the lineset from 200' (which I question as why would a contractor add 180' of expensive lineset if he didnt have to) how did you not have EXTENSIVE ductwork modifications? Also did you build a new platform for the location? Why not cut your losses and hire a professional? I know you have had a few bad experiences but it looks to me like by DIY you have already cost yourself more time and money.
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    O come on you just put the airhandler on the other end of the trunk line you knw it starts small and gets bigger .also look at all the money thats being saved by diy
    Stuff happens

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    OK, I leave the computer alone for an hour and get a ton of responses...

    well to qwerty hvac, I will get some pics up here.

    To hvacvegas, so and so was intended to be the name of a company, but the moderators took it off. But on every other site on the internet (except their own, of course) they have consistently BAD ratings. But most choose them anyway because "we have X ammount of years in buisness". They are one of the largest ones in the buisness, and there niche is new construction and residential. You fill in the blanks and tell me who it is. And besides they were supossed to fix the leak. They didn't. And yes, motors and air conditioners have a lot in common. As for propane in window unit, they do it all the time in europe, because of more strict air quality control regulations. And they use it in car ac units! And no one has had an explosion out of them yet since:
    1. there is not enough to cause a decent explosion
    2. propane was one of the first substances used as a refrigerant, but was stopped because the units they were in leaked like a sieve and held much, much more refrigerant than a modern unit of the same cooling power. modern units, unless someone literally breaks open the unit, will never leak like one of those units. and finally, the unit I ressurected originally held 7 oz of r22, now it holds approx. 5.5 oz of r290 aka propane. and it turns my 20x20 room into a meat locker, which it never did when new.

    To nismo1, we have dug ourselves in much deeper holes and came out on top. like a wall in our house.Termites had eaten the supports in one of the walls of our house, and we jacked up the ceiling, and completely replaced the wall, and fixed some errors the redneck framers of the house made.This also suggested for us to stray away from "pros".

    To camanacman, we put the swaneck pipe aka trap in like the service manual said.

    To rodney28334, we did not move the air handler, we moved the condenser from behind the house to beside the house, below where the air handler is. The original install had the lineset running up, over the sheetrock in a 2nd floor room to the peak of the roof, then 30 feet down to the condenser. Now it runs out of the side of the unit, up (the manual said the suction line should be partially above the evaporator, to keep liquid from falling into the condenser and locking up the compressor. And the other unit did not have an internal drier, so there was no drier anywhere, unless it was in a wall.), and then through the soffit, straight down to the condenser.

    About to post some pics.

    and to catmanacman again, yes, so far we have saved a few grand. I cannot quote prices here due to the moderators, but let's just say i paid half the price of what someone else was asking.

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    Name:  2012-08-15_16-27-16_21.jpg
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    This is the condenser, gsz series. the gutter behind it is a false gutter where the lineset is. The scrap on the ground is trash from us cutting the soffit, since i took this picture just after we got it running.

    Name:  2012-08-13_18-12-42_918.jpg
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    Here is the air handler, not a good shot of it, but it is cramped where it is.There is some supplies on top, as you can see. You can also see the lineset and ductwork.

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    Hope no one ever has to pull the blower or coil... Or do anything that involves getting in front of it LOL! Thanks so much for this
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