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    Finally! Thanks ol' reliable!

    I haven't been on here in years, but want to celebrate with you guys.

    So, I've been tracking down refrigerant leaks for a new customer all summer. A supermarket, of course...with 507. Also, I have another new customer who's had a leaking 404a system. I started with bubbles and a 'new school' leak detector and was somewhat successful but couldn't find all the leaks that I knew were still around. I ran into an old H10a on craigslist and talked the guy into selling to to me for $35 + $15 for shipping (in-state). He sent it and I put it to use right away. Ol' reliable pinpointed several leaks right away!!! I'm going to build a special padded crib for this baby and NEVER let 'er go. Thanks be to God and thanks be to the H10

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    it's a shame; these youngin's may never see/use the best tools ever made for this trade, because they think they gotta have the latest/greatest pos to be offered up
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    I carry three leak detectors....

    One is still an H10 , pull it out when all else fails,it is the model that finds most of the new stuff too.
    H10G ?

    The other two ,one is a battery model I use in extreme environments ,IE sheetholes

    The other one is a rechargeable that always seems to be dead when I need it

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    Leak Detector brands

    I have never owned a leak detector I was curious about the H10 it sounds obsolete, thats what my kids think of me. Who made that detector, and what are some names of other detectors that have proven to be reliable. I only work with 410A, 22. Thanks, Kimosobee

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    It was marketed under a few names. Mine specifically by GE. It's about 25 years old; still my "OLD RELIABLE". I have never tried it on HFCs because there was no such thing as HFC refrigerant when I got it, so I just assumed. it detected chlorine. I guess it might detect fluorine (since it is a halon). But I had to buy the new Fieldpiece ultraviolet (or infra red whichever it is) detector to keep up with the youngsters!

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