September 03, 2012 "Information Clearing House" - The fine 1960 film Inherit the Wind was more than just about the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial in Tennessee. Yes, it had as its focal point the law forbidding the teaching of evolution in schools. However, when one views this film, or reads the play it was developed from, one sees a doorway to totalitarianism. Added to that warning is the observation that many of us humans seem to need to be led. In the fictitious town of Hillsdale, Tennessee, the common folk were led by their religious leaders, who determined how they should not only act… but think. When the great statesman and Christian scholar, Mathew Harrison Brady comes to town to lead the prosecution of the case, he surpasses even their pastor in influencing their minds. During the trial, Brady’s counterpart, attorney Henry Drummond for the defense decides to put the right to think for oneself on the witness stand. The right to question authority, and yes, to dissent from it, is what was really on trial in that case.

Sadly, very few of our contemporaries, our neighbors and our political and media celebrities can see that America has become nothing more than a cartoon! Politics, advertising and consumerism, blended in with so called news and information from our mainstream media, has taken the majority of us by the nose. Look at the boob tube and instead of muting the volume when commercials come on, watch and listen to them. Do the same when the politicians stand before the microphone, or when the pundits and phony journalists speak. What you will observe is how they all treat you as if you were an adolescent, perhaps 12 years old. There is no real intellectual flow from these people at all. The commercials for products and services always allude how everyone selling something to us really cares for us. Ditto for the politicians and the pundits: They all care about us and our families. They all care for our troops and the peoples of the countries that we are destroying with our superior military force. They tell you to place yellow ribbons and flags all over the ying yang and simply accept the fact that this military empire is bankrupting us all!

So, we have another horserace election cycle. Once again, we are told how this election is the most crucial one in our history. The right wing will tell you that Mr. Obama is a Marxist who wants to create a totalitarian socialist state. They reveal how it is the entitlements to lower classes (code word for blacks and illegals) and the unions that are destroying our economy. Of course, in the same breath they stand tall with the little flags on their lapels and demand that we do not touch the military spending… matter of fact they want increases! Of course, no mention of the mess in Afghanistan and Iraq or the deaths of our soldiers there… because those are bipartisan occupations of sovereign nations. Then you have the Democrats in this latest horserace who rant and rave about how the right wing wants to destroy the middle class. Yet, the Democrats never do squat for the middle class! They too vote to keep our military empire intact and all over the damn globe. They brought forth a health care law that only helps the private insurers stay in control and reap mega profits. Only a fool would think that Mr. Obama would insist on a public option to help create a Medicare for All scenario, after you look at his 2008 campaign donations. The health care industry gave over 7 million to McCain… and over 21 million to Obama.

So, we have two evils controlling our nation’s political system. Well, not really controlling; shall we say they are navigating it for others? Who are these others? Well, all one needs to do is see who is benefiting despite the fact that over 90% of us are not. Follow the age old adage and ‘follow the money ‘. As many small businesses either fold up or cut labor and services, see what companies and individuals are doing so well during these tough times. They are who the both political parties and the mainstream media are serving. Isn’t it time to follow the creed of ‘Your vote counts… use it? ‘And go into that booth November 8th and refuse to support any of them? The only inheritance they will leave to us is the wind… hot air wind at that!

By Philip A Farruggio