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    PTAC Units Always Overflowing

    HVAC Professionals,

    I am a maintenance technician for US Navy dormitories on Okinawa. I have 2 buildings with a combined total of 200 Carrier PTAC Units. We have at least 2-3 overflows out the front of the units flooding the carpets every single day of the week. It appears that the one little hole that drains the water to the wall frame tray always gets clogged or the small pipe carrying the condensate outside gets clogged. Can more holes be made in the tray to allow more options for water to flow onto the frame? How do you experts solve these frequent problems? I ordered some slimeaway tablets to put in the trays, but dont think that wil solve the problem.

    We do have a professional contractor that does the preventive maintenance (basically filter cleaning), but that doesnt solve my Sailors getting flooded carpets. The buildings are getting a central AC system during renovations next year, but I need to deal with them for now.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions...Thank you in advance!

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    Doesnt sound like your contractor is doing his job. Add Pan Tabs on a quarterly basis .

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    Been there very crucial to vacume pan,, If u dont c him with a wet vac when he is changing filters, thats your problem

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    Well the contractor sucks and they sub out the PMs. Basically all they do is clean the filters (barely) and move to the next.

    On another note, the outside louvers also vent the 2 sides where the coils are not present. Is that supposed to be that way? It appears most things causing the one drain hole on the pan to clog are from little pieces of debris that blew in through the louvers and end up in the pan.

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    these slide into the casements within the walls under the windows? the condensates should tube out to the condenser section panel (one motor for cond/evap...right) and drip outside as is flows onto the base of the unit...if you have actual condensate pans and condensate lines if they are water cooled PTACs ..check level or tilted out a bit on either type...
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