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    Jun 2012

    Disaster waiting to happen

    Looking around on E-Bay and found this EASY-USE-REFRIGERANT-TANK
    539 sold so far, I can see 539 service calls. Also, DIY R-422B retrofit kits, the instructions they give are laughable. I can see someone hooking up to the wrong service port on their 410a system and making a rocket/grenade combo

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    GTA, ON
    I see that as an opportunity to get more service calls, to clean up after those handy homeowners.. Also, lots of re&re's, oh my

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    What could possibly go wrong? Home owner says " well I changed the light bulb in my refrigerator once. This can't be any more complicated then that!!" after tech fixes or sells him a new system tech says " sign here please".

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    got to love it, I can't wait for someone to put it in thier car.

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