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Thread: AC problems

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    Confused AC problems

    My AC will run for about 20 to 30 minutes then stop blowing cool air.When I check outside the fan is not blowing so I turn the AC off for a few minutes and turn back on and it works fine for awhile then does same thing. While I was at work my wife had to call a tech out twice.First time they came out and changed a capacitor and charged almost $XXX.Second time they replaced the fan motor and charged another XXX plus dollars which I think is really high for both repairs especially since its still not right.So my question is what else could be wrong?Should I contact the same repair company cause maybe something they installed malfunctioned or should I call someone else?

    Also sometimes when I turn ac off then back on I can hear the Ignition control module humming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Broken Trane View Post
    Also sometimes when I turn ac off then back on I can hear the Ignition control module humming.

    Ignition control module?
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    I would call another contractor sounds like they are just part changing and not diagnosing . No prices are allowed on this site.

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    symptoms dont seem to match thier repairs, try to get the first company to get it right with no more charges. Or call another contractor.

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    if the humming sound is outside, the humming is likely not an ignition module, but there are plenty of parts that could hum... some of them could even cause the problem you are describing.
    get a company out that can diagnose the issue...
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    Sorry about the pricing guess I missed that rule.Anyway the humming was inside and they actually sent the manager out this time.Turns out guy had put a fan motor in that was to big.Manager changed it out didnt cost any extra and now its working great!!!

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