Hello everybody and thanks in advance for your help and recommendations...... To the point; my son has a list of needed tools from his school but I want to get something that will actually be helpful in his choice of fields, commercial HVAC. Two of the items I am not sure about is a good meter for his use and a manifold set. First I must tell you my work has NOT been steady right now so cost is a factor somewhat BUT I am a commercial electrician by trade so safety is a major concern so I will ask you about what I found and you can tell me if it is ok OR that I'm an idiot and send me in the correct direction..... LoL

For a meter I was looking at the Fieldpiece SC77 for around $175
For the manifold set I found a Mastercool 96361 4-Way Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set w/ 60" Hoses for about a $165

Back in the day I think I had Robinaire for my cars and that was supposed to be a very good set, BUT LIKE I stated, "Back In The Day"...

I am well aware there will probably be a lot of opinions on these two items but I have to defer to you as this is how YOU make your $$$ so I will have to accept your experienced opinions here, later with some real on the job experience my son can decide and buy what he wants......

Again, THANKS!!