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    Not sure our Heat Pump is working right. Call original installer or other?

    Our house just turned two years old and we are just outside of our 2 year warranty. When I last posted the HVAC installer for our house had been by 6 times to put band aids on a lemon heat pump and for the 7th call they stopped by and replaced the unit with what we were hoping would be a non-lemon unit.

    Now a little over a year later and our heat pump seems to be losing its cooling capacity. We normally keep it around 74 in the house and up 76 during the day when we are not home. Recently we have noticed that the heat pump has been struggling to keep the house cool during the day. If we do a lot of cooking in the kitchen the downstairs temps will jump up to 75-76 and it will stay at that temp until the sun starts going down. Discharge at the registers were in the mid to upper 60's measures with one of those not to accurate infrared thermometers. I've seen temps in the mid to low 50's when the unit was first installed. I checked the unit and the compessor and fan seem to be operating. Air being blown out of the outside unit is slightly warmer than ambient. The line that is wrapped in insulation which is normally cold enough to sweat is just slightly cool not cold enough to sweat in the hot humid Alabama weather. I pulled both filters and let the fan run all night wondering if I froze the coil over. Made no difference in the cooling temps.

    We were going away the next day for a week long vacation so I just shut the whole thing down while we were out of town. When we got home it was 89 upstairs and 84 downstairs. It's been on 2.5 hours and the downstairs temp is 84 but upstairs has dropped to 86. Air coming out of the registers range from 77 to 79.

    The builder for our house is based out of Columbus, Ga a good 45 miles away, and the HVAC contractor is based out of Columbus and if you look at their web page they don't list Auburn, AL as a service area. At this point do call the original installer and have him look at it again or look for someone local? If I do call someone local should I call a RUUD installer or go for the guys with the best local reputations which are not RUUD? This will be the 8th breakdown since we bought the house in August of 2010. At this point we're just tired or having to call people out here to look at it.

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    so It is No longer doing the Job of keeping the house at 74? It used to keep the house at 74 all the time but now it isn't. So have you been doing maintence on your equipment? Change the filter? Make sure the outside condenser is clean?
    Call a pro to make sure you got proper Refer Levels in your system. I would call someone that a close friend refer's or use the site location map on this website. I wouldn't be calling these guys back that had to come out 8 times.

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