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    Capacitor replaced, not mounted in hole--should I complain?

    Hi guys. I have a Rheem 13PJA series heat pump, and the capacitor failed. Was replaced under the homeowner warranty. However the technician didn't have a capacitor that would fit in the same hole the failed capacitor came out of (the replacement is larger). So this it what the unit looks like now:

    The replacement capacitor is somehow lodged in that compartment, and the base of the capacitor is of course no longer being cooled by the fan. I assume (hope?) he at least put some electrical tape on top of the capacitor.

    I'm not a perfectionist and I'm OK with this as long as it works without shortening the lifespan of my heatpump or causing a danger to anyone. I'm a contractor myself (IT) and I understand sometimes things aren't always going to be pretty, but they don't have to be as long as they work.

    Leave it alone or... ?

    Thanks in advance for any help. Hopefully this is an easy question for the pros.

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    leave it alone.
    I HATE that design where the cap is shoved in a hole in the panel... often the old capacitor fails in such a way that it's impossible to remove.
    if the system is running, and the cap is mounted in a way that it will not short or rub a refrigerant line, I'd be happy for the quick service.
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    Alright, thanks!

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