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My great grandfather is 87 years old....he barely walks anymore, and he can't see to drive. If he is to get a voter ID card, someone has to make a special trip to get him in the car, get him out of the car, and expect him to wait in line for who knows how long, the whole time coughing and throwing up around other people.

You tell me Republicans...how is this a free America? Forcing people to do things that they should not have to do in order to utilize a RIGHT that was given to them by our constitution.

Republicans are constantly bashing the rest of the world for instituting communism and socialism, basically calling everyone that is not a republican a slave driver...and yet here they are...doing the very thing they have supposedly sought out to fight.

I am not Democratic....I am not Republican...I am American....and thank you all very much for damning this country with a corrupted two party system, and not having the guts to fight against evil. Thank you all for fighting among yourselves while the real enemy is sitting at our capitol, laughing at the peons they have created....smirking at the foolishness of the people that would rather fight one another than to stand up for what is right and true.

Government is a disease as stated by the original poster's signature...and yet here he is claiming that we need more of it. See through the lies, see through the mockery, and do what's right in your heart...
Are you telling us that your great grandfather has nothing identifying him as to who he is? He has no medical cards or past drivers licenses or social security card or birth certificate......

If not, what's the difference between your grandfather throwing up while getting a voter ID card or throwing up to vote?

You are being very deceitful, young grasshopper.