I really cannot think of any reason why anyone would support allowing votes to be cast for anything without having control over whether or not those who are voting actually have a right to vote. Unless there is an intention to commit voter fraud, why would any American eligible to vote not want to make certain that those who are not eligible to vote be allowed to diminish the votes of American's who are?

Well, here is the best reason that Democrats could come up with;
Republicans say they have pursued voter ID laws to prevent fraud. Democrats call it a political ploy to suppress voters who may not have the proper identification, particularly affecting groups that typically vote Democrat.

My question is this; "Why would any American citizen who is involved in the American political process not have some form of identification?" WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? AND WHY ARE THEY TYPICALLY THOSE WHO VOTE DEMOCRAT?

Maybe it's just me, but it seems that the Democrats are saying that it is mostly Americans who, for whatever their personal reasons, do not want to be identified. Are these people ashamed of voting Democrat? If so, why? Just what Americans who are responsible enough citizens do not have any way to identify who they are or if they are indeed even Americans? Does this not pretty much not make taking away voting rights from citizens who have committed crimes null and void? How do we prevent the millions of illegal aliens who have committed the crime of entering and living in the U.S. from casting votes for those who will allow them to stay in the U.S.?