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    Watch the units over 15SEER, EER doesn't improve much over 14 regardless of SEER. SEER is rated at 82f, EER is rated @ 95f. Do ask for demand defrost for a heat pump, it will add real world efficiency by going into defrost only when needed. Look at the COP ratings for the heat side. Units are rated at 47 and 17 degrees. I wouldn't expect much output below 17.

    Here are some data charts, I wish all manufacturers would provide tech data on their public website.
    Ruud 15 SEER

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    Thanks very much. If a heat pump can keep me warm more efficiently than a furnace to 20, it can run nearly all year long.

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    Now you have to weigh the payback time of buying the furnace/propane tank vs. using electric heat strips for backup heat. It might take several years of extra electricity use to equal the installation cost of the furnace.

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    More like severe melting of the drain pan problems, plus a little airflow.
    Yes, drain pans can be melted...

    The severe air flow losses occur especially in the older Oil furnaces that were belt-drive with blower motors rated for heating only.

    When an A/C coil is added directly on top of those older Oil furnaces without increasing the motor HP & RPM or, switching to a direct-drive blower, air flow can be severely compromised on systems that have duct system designed for heat only.

    Most coils were set directly on top of those old furnaces without a thought to air flow losses or the drain pan melting.

    Transitions between furnace & bottom of coil make checking the pressure drop through the coil easy to do; the CFM through the coil can be checked with the mfg'ers listed numbers.

    Example: a new clean 2-Ton coil matched to a 1.5-Ton condenser; 600-CFM; dry coil only .13"; wet coil .16" WC.

    That also makes it easy to check for lint blocked E-Coils.

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    Good point. I am expecting to stay for 5-10 years. Also hopeful that the gas line will reach me in the next couple years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil ossiffee View Post
    Interesting suggestion, thanks. Assuming energy rates stay about the same, how cold can it get before it's no longer practical to use the heat pump? Any idea how much of a premium I'd expect to pay to go from a 16SEER Infinity 4ton to an Infinity Greenspeed?
    Expect 2x over goodman.
    Alot more than a "standard" high efficiency carrier.

    We got all excited about selling the greenspeed, how it works, blah blah.
    Then carrier showed us our pricing. Haven't found a customer willing to shell out that kind of cash yet.
    "Better tell the sandman to stay away, because we're gonna be workin on this one all night."

    "Dude, you need more than 2 wires to a condenser to run a 2 stage heatpump."

    "Just get it done son."

    Dad adjusted

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    One more question: if the Greenspeed can get me down to single digits (or close), does that mean it does so just as effectively (quickly and comfortably) as a regular furnace? At that level, maybe it is wise (even worth the massive premium for Greenspeed) to use heat strips and bag the furnace entirely, since the temp won't get below 10-15 degrees more than a few days each winter. Any thoughts?

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