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The thing about Louis is if he writes about it it is real, he has been there nd done most everything he writes about. If he talks about a cave in the Rockies he hs been to that cave. If he describes a fight he has been through those movements. He was left in the Mojave desert by his family when he was twelve and walked out, he was a middleweight boxer and a tank commander during WWII. I have read every book he has written many times some as many as fifteen times.

My favotite authors are Louis Lamour, Leon Uris, Trevanian, James Clavell, John Jakes, Ludlum, Archer, Clancy, Fredrick Forsythe others escape me at the moment.
Since I don't much care for the Western genre, I read Lamour's Walking Drum not too long ago. It was good, but formulated. Lamour has a tendency to have his heros get the crap kicked out of them too much for my taste. His "no good deed shall be left unpunished" attitude gets tedious after a while. Not to mention that in Walking Drum, there must be at least a dozen times when the plot takes a turn after Lamour uses the term; "then suddenly!".

I read to escape. Same with movies. I really don't like too close to reality stories. I've lived and am still living my own real life drama. I don't need to hear the drama of others unless it involves monsters, supernatural or fantasy.