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    Basement Install of DV Fireplace

    I'm in the process of installing a DV gas fireplace in my basement in a bump out in the foundation used to house a fireplace on the main floor.
    Because of that upstairs fireplace termination coming out on the main wall of the bump out, I've chosen to locate the termination of the basement unit on one of the 2 ft side walls of the bump out, just above the foundation in the rim joist. To get the specified 1" clearance to combustibles for the 8"/5" concentric flexible vent pipe, I've had to remove drywall, insulation between studs about 16" down from the top of the foundation insulating wall. This has given an excess of clearance in most areas except near the pipe. I'd like to re-insulate the bare concrete wall (reside in central Alberta, -18 C this morning) to prevent frost/condensation forming on this above grade foundation wall. Any suggestions on what system/ combination of material to use? Is spray foam or Styrofoam SM type insulation advisable in the vicinity of vent pipes? I appreciate any and all feed back.

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    Stated clearances are air spaces. You cannot fill them with concrete, let alone insulation. You cannot insulate the vent pipe itself either. The air must circulate to cool these components and assemblies. If the insulation will be beyond the stated clearance, then you can use whatever your building code allows but in general a flame spread no more than 25/ smoke 450 per ASTM E-84 for exposed locations and 200/450 for concealed spaces where the insulation is in substantiate contact with the unexposed wall, ceiling, or floor. Note that if you come up from the basement through the floor whether out in a cantilever or not, it must be firestopped and fireblocked. Use a listed firestop and fireblock any openings around it per the code such as IRC 302.11 Also, you must check the termination location for compliance with the listed instructions. You may not have sufficient clearance to an inside corner or window. There should be a chart in the instructions. Also, since Canada, ensure you're above the snow line.

    This is not a good DIY project. Do yourself a favor and hire a pro.

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