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    where can i learn how to understand and program using lon products.are there web based training materials available?.
    is there lon certification programs available?
    any help is appreciated...

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    Right now you have a couple of options. The first one is to contact Rebecca at Engenuity, ask her about the book on LON system created by the European LON community; translated to English. A very good start, last year the second edition was issued. Rebecca can be reached at 480 782-5600.

    Second, Echelon, I believe still has training on LON systems. You can contac them at

    Third, you can wait for the individual certification to be completed later this year. LonMark International along with its affiliates are sponsoring the certification program.

    Lon Man

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    great ill call and check out the book...thanks
    and i did goto the web site....they actually have web courses to train onself on lon..

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    The book is also known as "The red book"

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