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    Solar Assisted A/C II

    I have read most of this thread, and it seems the manufacturer has mixed up Adsorption concept with absorption, according to my early studies from high school. Now this comunity is all proffesionals, so am not adding any thing by way of fundamentals and theorums. My note is, would it be benefficial to connect the solar heat concentrator array on the suction pipe before the compressor inlet port? Could that give the needed boost and really help the compressor do its thing? Since the gas at that stage would be at a raised pressure already from the heat input.
    My opinion is to just cool the gas out of the condeser by routing the high pressure liquid through a final 4 loop coil, running in a plastic container seated in the outdoor unit; filled with water from the condensate line to help the compressor when the weather is above 40 deg celcius.
    At least it has droped the electrical current rate for the 24000 BTU heatpump/AC unit that I have at home, even the compressor worked quiter when I water cooled last few lines of the condenser coil.
    Perhaps installing a swamp cooler adjecent to the outdoor unit would suffice to give a real overall saving by way of cool moist air helping condense the refrigerant gas.
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    Made this its own thread. You are not allowed to post in other peoples threads in the AOP forums. Please read our site rules, thank you.
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    I'll elaborate on this a bit. I remember that thread well, I'm still baffled by it. The only thing accomplished by the solar array is adding a tremendous amount of load to the system and decreasing the capacity of the system. It's easily the most misguided gimmick I've come across in this industry. I will agree that that using condensate water to help with heat transfer will lower head pressure for a time but it will also deteriorate the coils and copper tubing in your loop at a pace that makes it a liability that cannot be offset by whatever efficiency increase you see.

    Basically what you're describing is a geothermal system done in the least practical way possible.
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    If you want a residential water cooler condenser Freus makes them. They are efficient compared to air cooled. However they are work to maintain, which homeowners typically don't want to mess with. Finding somebody to install/service the unit could be an issue also.

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