Bennie.....THANK YOU!

What a wonderful weekend. The wives are conspiring to start an HVAC-Talk widows forum somewhere as some sort of support group. They want it to be closed only to the spouses of HVAC-Talk members so we cannot read what they are conspiring for upcoming events. Good thing CB won't allow that sort of thing here.

Anywho; We missed the Friday night gathering at the VFW hall but made the Paradise at Muskies room get together afterwards.

Saturday morning we were urged to get up early by low life Canadians who slept in instead of meeting us. Don't matter, it was a good breakfast with other members at the Alldays Onion. Oh; those sneaky Canadians did finally show up.

Bennie truly does rule in Bennington. It rained all weekend "except" for the times during events set up by bennie. It is really great to be in the company of someone who actually has control over the weather. I for one am in awe.

Everyone slept in for the Sunday breakfast, so we didn't get fooled again.

The campfire get together at the bennie cabin in the mountains on Sunday was a fantastic cap to a wonderful weekend. Thanks again bennnie and war department; you proved that a good thing can keep getting better.

I got pics that will need to wait till I get back from romping around New England this week.