I'm wanting to install a mini split system in a basement apartment. There is one large room and two bedrooms. Large room is about 600 sq ft. Bedrooms 300 and 400 sq ft. I would like to just install one unit in the large room and hope it does the job. It is a basement apt. mostly underground and stays fairly cool in the summer and fairly warm in winter. Bedrooms have ceiling fans and baseboard heaters. There is a small vent from my upstairs system that blows down as well but I'm often out of town for months at a time and don't want the downstairs to be dependent on that. Don't have a lot of funds for the project so something with a good price is a high priority. Don't need bells and whistles. I live in KY so we have hot summers and cold winters. Any advice on reliable brands, appropriate sizing and do's and don'ts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!!