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    Have a new Trane Pkg unit to do a start-up sheet on.My question is that they want the temperature rise and safety limits checked out. I have heard and read ten different best temperature rise temps.And, best ways to check the limits. Does any body here care to share their past experience with these check outs.

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    get the design sheets. someone has them. startup as close to design as possible. make sure to check gas pressure and also oerfrom combustion analysis.

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    Check the return air and the supply air temperatures, the difference is the temperature rise. The Nameplate should state what rise the unit should have. To check the high limit, disable the blower motor,(pull the contactor coil wire or remove the belt), then enable the heat. Record what temperature the limit opens at.

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    check OK

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    found that is what most and I was doing was checking ok but wanted true way to do it.Senior tech said belt was way to go. Have to right size anyways.

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