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Yes, but tell me, is this just an American thing and not a Canadian thing as well?

Basically, the democrats in our U.S. governmental political system can not win any elections at a national level without the 90% to 95% lock on the black vote. Elections in America (for president) are won by 1% to 3% now days. So, the liberals along with their friends in the news media make sure that perceived racism is alive in well in America--that is, that whites are still prejudiced against blacks. Therefore, there will be no challenge to affirmative action programs at the federal level given that perceived racism against blacks still exist. With affirmative action alive and well at all levels of government in the U.S., blacks will vote for the democrat even if he is Satan incarnate. A hysteria is created in our culture that is reinforced by white guilt over what happened in the 50's and 60's where blacks really were mistreated. For instance, on most boards I can't even spell the word n__gger without the word censor deleting it. If I did spell the word, I can promise you I would be reported and if liberals were in charge of this board, I would be kicked off. No TV commentators or radio commentators are even allowed to say anything negative about a black without being kicked off the air. Remember Don Imus said a certain girl's college basketball team looked like "Nappy headed whores", and Imus lost his job. Imus was correct about what he said though. "Jimmy the Greek" was correct when he said that blacks excel in sports because it's in their genes. They are gifted in the area of athletics. But, to say this also means blacks aren't all that smart--that's in the genes too. White guilt kicked in immediately.

So, to sum up, the N-word thing is part of American hysteria about anything negative towards blacks under the umbrella of continued white guilt. It is fueled and encouraged by liberals and the American media in order to keep affirmative action the law of the land thereby ensuring the democrats lock on the black vote. I better post this before I run out of room.
Lots of room, look, I am adding to it.

So really there are some places it is not prudent to tread in both countries (we do not do the N word out of respect for you guys, no real taboo up here).