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    Can anyone tell me what kind of luck they've had installing direct vent oil boilers in houses with no chimney. Any complaints about smell or staining or other failures with boilers? Thanks for any info.

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    You know how some folks put off cleaning a boiler until it "really needs it"?

    I know of one direct vent oil boiler that filled it's neighbors convertible (parked in the driveway overnight) with soot....

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    Just do it. Installed several no problems. Trujund or riello bf sealed combustion work great.

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    will look into riello sealed combustion units

    thanks for the feedback, I've seen a few units using riello sealed combustion, I'll look at these closer!

    We'll have to keep the top up on all convertables

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    Try to keep the vent as high as possible and away from driveways and walkways. But yea, stay away from power vents. Sealed combustion is the best.

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    thanks Johnsp, what brands do you like?

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    The Buderus G115 with Riello is well known. I also like Biasi and Burnham MPO now using the Beckett NX burner.

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    thanks Johnsp, these all look good, I was looking at a Burnham low mass steel boiler too, LEDV for direct vent, maybe the cast iron low mass is the way to go, though

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    Direct Vent Oil Furnace - problems with oil smell

    I have a direct vent (no chimney) system; a De Dietrich boiler with a GT-114 Riello burner and I have had continuous problems with oil smell both inside my home and outside my home in a generous size zone around the direct vent area.

    The galvanized chain link fence I have next to the direct vent is being rusted away from some sort of reaction that the direct vent exhaust is causing. All other areas of the fence are just as new, as it was installed 4 years ago, no rust, no corrosion other than the two feet that are within two feet of the direct vent.

    The oil furnace system is fed from ambient inside basement air and I have had had a post purge timer exhaust fan installed after the fact to try and stop the oil smell. Does anyone have any experience with similar problems?

    I read the Riello burner manuals and they indicate that the burner nozzle for a direct vent system should be .65 x 45 degrees, however the nozzles in use over the last 5 years have been .75 x 80 degrees, which are closer to the book listing of .75 x 90 degrees for a chimney vent systems. Can anyone let me know if this is a problem or factor in the issue I have whereby every time the burner operates I have a heavy oil smell in and outside my home?

    Absent burner operation the oil smell goes away.

    I do have a Radon venting system that could be causing a negative pressure situation but I had the problem before the radon mitigation installation, and shutting the Radon mitigation down for several days does nothing to stop the oils smell problem.


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    Confused Why is venting so difficult to get right?

    I'm going to ask what many professional will consider a dumb question...

    Why is venting an oil furnace/boiler such a big deal?

    My boiler is a sealed unit with a motor on the burner running a fan and oil
    pump. It seems to me that it should be a simple thing to run a short vent
    pipe through a wall, even without a separate venting motor & fan.

    Sorry, I've got an old house with a falling down money, and no money, and
    a compulsion to learn how to do things myself.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Jaimes Beam

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    Hey Techcontrol,

    I've installed the Solaia boiler with a Riello BF5 burner, and a direct vent kit, and had no problems and no sooting, but the equipment has to be properly maintained as all should.

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