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    Guy calls and says he needs a new transformer the day after Isaac roles through. Okay got one on the truck whats your address. WELL I NEED TO GET AN OKAY FROM MY bOSS. No prob call me back. Keep in mind that there is no gas and very little power in town. Calls back "well how much for transformer?" I give him ballpark,
    "okay let me call the boss I'll call you back".
    Calls back "how much did you say that would be?"
    I don't know exactly but ballpark for resi t-former is Blank. "Okay thats sounds like two much to me." Remember day after Issac no gas in area very little Power.

    Get a text message from Boss Okay I need a 480 to 240 vlt t-former how much???? Keep in mind everybody is closed, He trying to get it for less that the part would even cost if I had a chance in He!! to get it on a day when everyone is gone or closed. I didn't text him back.

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    Text him back you've just fitted it elsewhere and it was the only one you had in stock! and it was $$$

    The job would be ok if it were'nt for the customers...

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