He was not in the trades, but he was a union truck driver and a jack of all trades. He built his own house back in the 60's. I had such great times with him, back in 1990 or so I helped in put a new roof on his house and put an apartment on as well. I think that alot of my work ethic today comes from him. He did everything with us, camping, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing. He faught hard for the last 10 years he had Lukemia had chemo 3 times and since this last time in the fall he hasnt been doing well. Had been really sick for the past 3 weeks, I live 4 hrs away and had planned on going home last weekend, but moved the trip to the weekend before cause I had a bad feeling. Glad I did that because we talked and spent some good time together when he was in the hospital. He got moved home on 8/22 and hospice came in. We went home again this past weekend and he was really out of it, but I am glad I got to sit and cry and talk to him while he slept. He pasted away on 8/27. Sorry I keep rambling on just makes me feel better to talk about it. RIP Pops