Just replaced a dayton 1725 rpm , 1hp , 220 v , 56 frame ...... with the same motor (grainger was only place in town with one )

The only difference is this new one has a manual reset button for OL , old one has internal self resetting one.

2 hours after install , they call said it stopped.

I go up there , remove motor , its hot as the devil ofcourse being its on top of a STOVE , let it cool off 15 min , hit the reset , and its fine.

OK I see , this thing wants to play games with me .

I take the internal OL self resetting switch out of the old motor, and install it into this new one.

24 hours later its still running fine.

I told them to call me right away if they notice it turning off and resetting. No calls yet.

Anyone ever ran into this ????

Im assuming theres probly a special motor just for hoods with alot of heat ??