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    I wonder if they are spec homes. Perhaps they are drawn that way and HVAC contractor simply giving them what they requested. Doesn't make it rite but I have seen it. Worked on many habitat for humanity homes and that's how they are. Typically all material is there already and they hand you a drawing, thank you for your time, and cut you loose.

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    Most GC's building track resi are in the volume business. Most buyers only know a few questions like what's the insulation rating or how long is the warranty. A GC can brag about the things they know will be asked and ignore the rest. Recent studies claim flex run in a unconditioned space can use 20-25% more energy. But it's cheaper than thinking a better solution. I once asked a large GC who always took the low number "How do you control quality?" He looked at me as if I had two heads.
    On a brighter side there is a multi-state GC building homes here that works for high energy ratings. Apparently energy savings is selling for them. Until the customer demands a better building GC's will still dodge energy issues and distract buyers with granite counter tops. It's called by sales people as "Selling the sizzle instead of the steak."
    "What Fools these mortals be"....Puck

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