I was helping a friend today on a ductless sytem and he purchased those new Refco/Gobi pumps that mount beneath the indoor head on the exterior of wall. They didnt look to bad, at least easy to access, but these pumps are buzzing and loud, is there something that I can do? I know some pumps buzz and are loud that ive installed in a attic and we install the resevoir in the head and usually just put a rubber pad under it and no issues. But these Refco pumps are sealed in the case that I cant access, can only access float portion, and Ive tried using foam tape etc but its the pump I cant access making noise. Has anyone installed these pumps that can help? If these pumps are gonna buzz that loud and gonna be placed by the head where people can hear it I sure as hell wouldnt use these again? Can anyone help or am I screwed?