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    What do you guys think about criminal background checks? Do you owners do them? We will not hire someone who won’t submit to a criminal background check. I am very leery about anyone who would refuse a background check, and until recently no one has. I feel a good tech who wants to make $30 an hour who has nothing to hide would not mind.

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    I don’t have a problem with a background checks, some insurance companies may require it. The question is where you draw the line. If an applicant is honest about there past and lists there convictions are you legally allowed to not hire him?

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    I wouldnt mind a bckgrnd check

    if a employer considers, ones responsibility, accomplishments, the amount of trust, and money he deals on a weekly or daily basis, within the companies hes worked for on a daily basis, and the customers he works with, all have a professional and personal, references of him/her, then that should suffice, what more is better thtan that? the People that work with this individual on a daily basis for years, and know him/her?

    If the guy has a blemish or a conviction, and its non employee/employee related, its illegal to consider or takes part in any part of the hiring process, and deters or sways the employer to base his decision of not extending the offer of employment or to retract the offer, then it is illegal,
    United States Supreme Court,
    set a precedence on this awhile back, id have to research it further, but these safe guards are set in place to deter and prevent illegal hiring practices, but the state and federal , labor and wage commisions
    and equal rights commisions have depts to help employers to understand where, they stand on rules and regulations on
    The Employer will usually have to post them, and take a course on this!
    but my personal take on this is!
    for the rights of the little guy, the privacy rights of an individual, and big corps sharing and selling information, and Identity theft,
    it all starts with innocent little trade secrets, background checks, and utility companies, trying to monopolize the markets, and theres an adverse affects, that affect us, all
    sure it reduces the risk, but it doesnt guarentee, that your not going to be ripped off, or put your reputation at risk!
    Theres a certain amount of responsibilty to the prospective employee, giving private information to the employer, that the law has provided protection of safeguarding, and preserving his privacy and reputation,
    An employer, can only discuss by law, what pertains to dates of employment , very little thereafter,
    if he has a reference check of his own done and it is recorded, a former employer can be sued for slander and defamation of charcter, the rights are set in place, for a reason, to protect an Individuals rights to privacy!
    Theres alot of shady employers, and truth be known, most of them have a worse background of stealing former employers customers, and unfair wage practices, against employees and , not paying their supply accounts, and spousal money mismanagement or spending sprees, then blaming and ripping off their employees,and or not being able to make payroll, and so on and so on, and then some want to pay straight hourly a low wage , while, charging the customer a flat rate, which is cheating the techs, billing the customer three hrs of labor for changing a cfm, and paying the tech one hour to do it, including the drive time? Alot of these same employers running around bad mouthing techs, , already have a reputation, its talked about through the techs,and supply houses, and customer' employees.
    and it goes on, they short change a tech on paperwork, that adds up per year, too alot of money!
    theres commissions that they dont get paid, and say they didnt install the equipment and or so on!
    There should be a place where the Consumer/Customer/prospective Employee, could go to and read the Customer/consumer and employee complaints against these type employers/companies

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    I put up a post a while ago, about back ground check's,
    with the computer age and company's buying and sell info, It has gotten out of hand.
    Those company's that buy and sell info, can past wrong info or misleading info, even WRONG INFO and not be held accountable.
    How many people who have the same name, lost out, because a computer hit turn up that they were arrested, when in all fact's they were just question, or put in the back of a police car, until some one fiquire out whats up.
    guest what you are s### out of luck pal, There will be record, police report, and some one will buy it, and sell it, and there is nothing you can do!!!!.
    OH yes you can piss away a lot of money, but guest what, It is still there.
    most employers run a cheap check, like a $7.00 quickie, and it say's " yes or no, if there is info about the person".
    that's it, You are done for.
    Sorry for venting......This is one of my pet peeves.
    Refrigeration...Finding the Wright Wrench to pound in the correct..Screw

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    please don't use NCIC.

    when i was 18 years got i got busted with a knife, it was a felony arrest, it was dropped to a misdemeanor at court,
    i did 5 days community service, i had the case expunged and the rest was history.

    i worked ATM jobs and other security related jobs for years.

    in the late 90's they created the NCIC database that shows ONLY arrest records,

    most private background investigators will have access to this database even though it is meant only for law enforcement.

    i've had some problems with them telling people that i have a felony on my record , which i don't.

    apparently , lawyers are unwilling to take any kind of case that questions the government (unless it's ACLU agenda), so the lawyers told me there is nothing they can do.

    i almost lost my last job by being honest, the girl hiring me became afraid when i told her.

    people are too stupid to know what to do with info like this, this database should have never been given out.

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    Who knows?

    I had a Catering job when i was about, 20, and my boss, wouldnt let me off for jury duty,
    so I had called in to the Court and told , them my situation,
    The court Clerk told me that if I dont come the judge would place a bench warrant, for failure to appear and hold me in contempt, for not showing up, so I aske dher how serious is this, she said he gives out the maximum time for people that defy his orders, to prove a point!
    so get your butt down here, this morining!
    so I did and then , when the Judge questioned me how com i never showed up before on prior letters or calling in, I told him My employer threatened me, that if I go he'd have to let me go!
    THe judge got quiet, and said ," Oh he did did he?, you tell him, that I will excuse you , becasue I so choose to do so, and smiled then, leaned forward, and said " Let him know that if he ever gives u a problem, to let him know that hed be more than happy to bring him before the Court to explain it to him , and thats what will happen, next time and that he will place him in jail for contempt!
    and If anyone asks me what happened here today, for a job interview, or putting anything down on a job interview then, simply put no you, dont have to tell them anything, its illegal, and they dont have the right to know, if you dont want them to!, and if they have any problem, tell them, i'll be sure to issue a warrant to bring them before the Court to address, the issue!

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