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    Also, he told us that we could remove the cover, unplug the air handler, and reverse the black and blue wires to up the speed back to full. I opened the cover and reversed the two wires, but one was called M1 or M2 and the other one was attached to a small fan that looked like an exhaust fan, leading to a rooftop exit. So I put them back to the way they had been. Plus, I didn't hear any increase in air velocity.

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    think you got the wrong wire.
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    Please be careful moving wires around!

    Without knowing external static pressure, no one can tell you yes/no about the fan speed.

    It is possible the blower is pushing water off the coil and into the plennum if its a gas fired furnace. Simple to fix but rules do not allow us to post DIY info.

    Did the tech measure air flow before and after moving the fan speed? Did he blow out the drain before pouring water into it? Did he check the drain where it connects to the plumbing? Did he pour water into the trap or the pan?

    If not, find a qualified tech in your area to come out. If your plan doesn't cover the service call, pay out of pocket. A collapsed ceiling is no joke and will cost a lot more.

    Please be careful about moving wires around!

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    can you give general guidelines on what the proper solution is? If it's simple, shouldn't the tech have figured out what to do? I still am not sure if I should leave the fan at 1/2 speed or if I should want it to be blowing full speed. Thanks.

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    In Phoenix you want all the airflow you can get

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    the fan is not at 1/2 speed, it's only reduced by 1/3 or 1/4th.
    I would call the tech/home warranty company and ask if cleaning the coil/blower was done? a partially obstructed coil will cause air to be forced through the coil at a higher pressure, and this can blow water into your ductwork.
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