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    Trying to figure out if the repair guy is right in his assessment

    Hi all,

    First post in the forums...

    I live in Phoenix, where it has been a bit humid and very hot recently. I have a 5-ton outside ground mounted compressor and the air handler and furnace are in the attic, about 60 feet away from the compressor.

    we noticed a wet spot on the ceiling just below the air handler a few weeks ago, and called our home warranty company. they sent out a contractor, who determined water was coming out of the opening where the refrigerant tube enters. he thought the cold tube was sweating and insulated about 6" of it and taped it up. Didn't stop leaking

    Next guy came out and decided to putty the hole closed all around the refrigerant tubes. that didn't work either.

    third guy came out today and decided that the fan is blowing the condensation hard enough for it to go into the air duct, where it settles and flows back toward the air handler, and leaks out the bottom. he says the tray is fine, and he even poured a gallon of water in to make sure it drained properly. He feels a sort of baffle is needed to prevent the air from blowing the water into the duct. His solution today was to cut the fan speed to 1/2 or so, and he claimed a baffle wouldn't be covered under our home warranty, and that it would cost $ dollars or so.

    Now, the airflow is lower, and quieter, and I don't know if it will be able to cool the house, which is about 2000 sq. ft. It has trouble keeping it cool when the temp gets up to about 108 to 110 here. Otherwise nice and cold. Compressor was recently replaced with a new one, by the way.

    Do you think I should leave the fan speed set low? He said he can easily put it back to normal. Is it bad for anything? Will the air be colder, and effectively just as effective?

    Thanks a lot!
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