Seems the foam insulation is starting to get popular around here. Have two full installs, back to back, where they are foaming the walls and ceiling. On top of the sheet rock, not the underside of the roof.

These will be my first installs with this sort of insulation. The load calcs came out drastically smaller than what Im used to seeing. I will trust them but must say im a bit worried.

To my question....The bigger install is two story, about 6k sq feet. The upstairs unit will be in the attic space. The insulator is trying to get the HO to spray foam that ductwork, which I really have no issue with but thought Id run it by you guys and see what your opinions and experience are on doing this?

Also. They used engineered trusses between floors which is always a PITA. Ive always insulated my pipe between floors. Feel stupid for asking but is it necessary?