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    I had new furnace (trane XB90) installed last winter by very reputable company in my area. The system install looks good as compared to installs shown in "hall of pride". But I have one concern about the install. The new furnace gas line does not have drip leg while the old one did. I asked the installer about it and he said that the drip leg is not necessary. Is this true?
    thank you for your thoughts

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    we have to do it in nj, from what i hear it depends on local codes. call construction officials. were permits pulled and system inspected?

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    No permit pulled or inspection. The company swapped the old furnace for the new furnace. This is in Alabama.

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    In Florida, we install one drip leg.... just after the gas meter

    Here's the Code:
    408.2 Drips.
    Where wet gas exists, a drip shall be provided at any point in the line of pipe where condensate could collect. A drip shall also be provided at the outlet of the meter and shall be installed so as to constitute a trap wherein an accumulation of condensate will shut off the flow of gas before the condensate will run back into the meter.

    408.3 Location of drips.
    Drips shall be provided with ready access to permit cleaning or emptying. A drip shall not be located where the condensate is subject to freezing.

    (ICC adopted by Florida)

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    Thank you for the information Rick. There is a drip leg after the line enters the house. I was just wondering if the new furnace needed a separate drip leg because the old furnace had one. I am very happy with the new furnace.

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