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    Quote Originally Posted by hvaclover View Post
    Seems you guys who use Diggi Queens post more problems with the temp sensors than any other digital on the market.

    My SMAN 3 and Testo 557 and 570 are going strong.
    When a temperature sensor fails, the Digi-Cool still performs it's core function of highly accurate pressure readings, and the corresponding PT relationship.
    You won't find complaints about pressure transducer failures and display failures on Digi-Cool gauges, or failures due to being left in the rain, or being dropped.

    The Sman and Testo gauges have a history of pressure transducer and display failures, Don't do well when they get wet, and Testo gauges don't handle accidental drops or rough handling well.
    The many threads there have been about problems with Testo and Fieldpiece digital gauges are failures of the core function of the instrument.

    When temperature sensors fail, you can break out a thermometer and some pipe probes and continue working, which is how I use mine anyway.
    If a pressure transducer or the display fail, the instrument is only useful as a paperweight.

    I own 3 Testo manifolds, only my first generation 523 made it through its warranty period without multiple failures of the core function. One entered permanent paperweight status after its 4th pressure transducer failure because Testo stopped supporting it barely 4 years after the instrument was first introduced to the market.
    All 3 of them were transported and worked with out of padded cases.

    I own 2 Digi-Cool products, one of them suffered a failure of a pressure transducer after just over 6 years of often less than gentle use, and 4 years after its production had ceased. It was back up and working like new within a week and a half of me calling in to ask if parts were still available for it.
    Neither one of them has ever seen the inside of a padded case.

    Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages. Digi-Cool unquestionably is the champion of durability of the core instrument, but has had temperature sensor issues since day 1 with the old DRSA-1100.

    Testo makes a nice compact product, and the temperature compensated timed pressure test function is a REALLY great feature, but Testo instruments have a history of chronic issues with durability of the core instrument.

    I haven't used a SMAN, but they seem very user friendly, and I like that they will work with a range of easily obtainable temperature probes, but they are not even a little bit water resistant, and there are still some core instrument durability questions.
    I am tempted by the SMAN4 though. The idea of being able to receive real time evaporator entering air WB temperatures from a wireless transmitter, with on the fly target superheat calculations displayed, puts a smile on my face.
    I just wish the thing didn't look like Spoungebob.
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