I am new to the site as a member, although I have in the past checked here for information.
I am NOT a homeowner, nor a HVAC pro...I skirt the awful line of Property Management.
My wife and I manage 68 units with pride and accordingly I sought out the education to take care of my HVAC units (2T Heat Pumps if you're interested). I took some local classes at the community college but received the best education possible by hiring a professional. It turned out I had a former teacher showing me how to swap out three condensing units. He had excellent habits and was thorough and clean, I feel that I did not pick up many bad habits from him. In fact he was able to tell me a lot about the old days and charging things to 'beer can cold' and other things to potentially avoid.
Anyhow, glad to be here, and I look forward to learning from other forum members.