You Guys are Too harsh towards DIY.... The following is from my favorite Fishing Forum Where the OP needed some quick help. Lucky for him, he had the foresight to go right to his fishing buddys for some top notch troubleshooting. He is cooling down at the moment. Next time you get stumped, don't waste your time here. Go directly to your favorite Fishing Fourm and you will be on your way in no

OP= Just had a power surge and the A/C is blowing warm air. I reset the main breakers on both the outside and inside units, is there anything I can do without having to call a repair guy?

Responder #1= Good chance it blew your capacitor.

Responder #2= is your outside unit coming on...if not you may have fried your start/run capacitor? Check it with a ohm load. It can overload if the fan motor pulled to much of an overload. Try to push the relay switch in manually and see if it will "hard" start ,,,,,,,good luck

OP= The outside fan is running as well as the inside fan but warm air. I turned everything off gonna let it sit for a little while and turn back on maybe that will reset a relay or something. Ill keep you posted thanks for the replies.

OP= Ok just turned it back on and seems to be blowing cold again, ill keep an eye on it and see if it keeps working. Thanks for the replies.

Responder #2= kool