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    How you change weatherstrip

    I've never changed the seal on a door.

    This ones a walkin box

    Made by Brown , 6 x 8

    Model UDS-4

    It has what looks like small staples along the outside lip where the alum folds over , then as I lift up the seal I see more staples ....

    Is this thing really stapled on ??

    Im guessing you remove all the staples then bend back the alum edge ?
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    This looks like a standard dart gasket to me. The staples are probably holding the track into the door. Did you try peeling back the gasket a little? If you go to or their big catalog under Brown might have the dimensions you need. The big catalog is

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    the inner side lifts up , its magnetic , and there are 1/4 inch wide staples all down inside it.

    I assume these are aluminum over plywood doors ?

    I dont have a stapler to re-attach , do you have to use staples ?

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    Looks like a dart gasket to me as well. If its got to be replaced anyway don't be scared. Grab a corner, of the gasket and pull it out alittle and see what's holding it in. I bet you'll find it's a dart in a grove and not staples. Similar to a screen door.

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    Carefully pull a corner back and see what you got.

    Looks like a common dart gasket which is just pressed into a track(slot) which holds it into place.

    I use a small screwdriver to stick in the track to(carefully) pry out the dart.

    I also use a heat gun (carefully, you want to warm the gasket, not melt it) to soften it to help removal.

    Do not tear the plastic track when removing the old gasket.

    Ruin the track, you will have a bad day

    I have seen gaskets glued in and or screwed in because of this.

    New gaskets just squeeze into place.

    If you have bad hand cramps when your done, I use icy hot (roll on) for the pain.

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    Here's a link to the W.A.Brown website's parts page:

    W.A.Brown Replacement Parts

    If you click on the parts size chart, there's a listing of available replacement gaskets. They do show some staple-on types.

    It's probably best to give them a call, give them the box's model & serial numbers listed on the door frame).

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