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Are you saying I somehow upset him so he doesn't want me as a customer and he's lying about "prior commitments"? Is that how HVAC contractors roll?

I don't know what I could have said to upset him.... maybe I asked too many questions and he could tell I already knew the "right" answers? He actually had all the "right" answers and I thought he could tell I was happy with all he was telling me, so I don't see why my questions would upset him. I thought he could tell I was genuinely interested in getting a Broan and becoming his customer. He took down my son's name and phone number at RE Michel and promised to call him for pricing on the equipment with the employee discount. Before he left, he said he'd email me the quote in a couple of days.

Damn... do all HVAC contractors want customers who just nod a lot and take everything in without saying a word?
Yes, and no, I think most really want and try to do a good job, but if I can get 3 or 4 jobs booked in the same time it will take to book 1 particular customer who I feel is just "asking questions", well, then I'm moving on. That's not everyone's business model, and that's okay, my company does no residential work btw, we don't play in the bid war trenches, so maybe I'm biased. All A/C contractors are running a business though, so yes, salespeople and owners alike need to close work to eat and you go where the food is. What do I know though? I'm just a guy on a keyboard.