What's he big deal? We have one customer, a large worldwide company, that does not allow us on the executive floor during working hours. I have to have an escort which is understandable due to security issues. Can only be serviced between 6:00pm-6:00am. Another customer who shall also remain nameless also, makes a big deal of it. They have an inhouse guy who doesn't work on ice machines. I had to replace a txv on a hoshi last week in the executive kitchen. I put all of my tools and such on a flatbed and get escorted to the kitchen and I'm left there. If I need to leave for any reason, includng a potty break, I pick up the phone and call for an escort. When I was being escorted out, one of the engineers started telling me the rules he followed for the last 20 years when working on the executive floor. #1 When you walk down the hall, look at your shoes. #2 Don't talk to the biotches. #3 Get off thee floor as fast as possible. #486 ...and of course, don't steal anything.

Are these executives that horrible?