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    Anybody have any feedback on this product-
    customer all excited about this water cooler that adds no humidity, is "super efficient" (?) and apparently cures the common cold as well I guess.
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    no first hand feedback, just looking at their website.

    It seems to be an indirect swamp cooler. Traditional swamp coolers take outside air and typically cool it by evaporating water into it. This 'cooling' reduces the spread between the outdoor dry bulb and wet bulb temperature by 80% a lot of time and ends up being in the low 70s. A high volume of air in the low 70s moves through the home to keep it cool. The house gets pressurized and indoor air needs a relief opening to get rid of humidity and the pressure, such as open windows or a dedicated vent.

    With the Coolerado, it looks like outside air is cooled by evaporating water to being close to saturated at the entering wet bulb temperature, it goes beyond the 80% spread I mentioned. Perhaps the outside air is cooled to the low to mid 60s in temperature and goes through a cross flow heat exchanger similar to an HRV.

    Room air, or a mixture of fresh and room air passes through this heat exchanger as well and you get similar cooling as a swamp cooler without water being added to the space.

    The equivalence to big tonnage is when you have a lot of fresh air.

    Sounds like almost as much air moving through the home, with less pressure relief, indoor RH be lower so would probably outperform a standard swamp during the design 'hot & dry' spells. Maybe its effective range is extended a bit for when it is not quite as dry out too.

    A possible improvement over a swamp cooler, but a DX system will maintain better comfort no doubt.

    Good links to weather data and pyschrometric charts on coolerado's site.
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