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    johnson controls

    Has anyone worked for johnson controls, or know how the company is to work for.
    I am going back for a third interview there, and i believe they are going to make an offer, but i dont know if they hire or promote from with it or what not. I have heard they are a good company to work for, and maybe i was misinformed, but i thought they did mostly road service. The position they want me for is as a lead tech for a commercial building of theirs. I would only be working at that facility though. I guess i was just wondering if anyone had insight on them, and if they do in fact do any road service, and if so, do they hire or move from within. Any chance that I would be able to get out on the road, and is it worth it.
    I dont know, im just hesitant to go into a stationary position, but ild be foolish to pass up a great opportunity.
    Any thoughts or input about the company and how they treat employees would be much appreciated.

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    Try searching threads on here. There are quite a few. Most with bad, some with good experiences. You might try in the controls section instead of the residential.
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