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    Confused Easy Question ? What size is this coil ? Arcoaire

    Snyder General Model# H801030 Serial# H884506638

    My customer has fallen victim to the "Copper Bandit" and I don't have any record of the BTUH on the ODU ! My best calculation is 18kBtuh Any input ?

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    somewhere between here and there
    size of suction line?

    Please, Please Please......keep the Factory Smoke in the Wires!!!!!

    Is it Rum'Oclock yet???

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    2 and half ton as a guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBacardi View Post
    size of suction line?
    5/8".. I have researched all day to find Not one single thing about Snyder model Decryption.. Lol

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    Are you able to read the compressor model number?

    Some one might have a paper copy of this manual, but none exists that can be downloaded.
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