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    Should we all bring some chairs, like those fold up sports type? I have 3 of em, anybody else?
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    Don't worry, we can get chairs from benncools dining room.
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    I offered to bring chairs too.

    Tried to save $$$ on the flight. I wuz willin to sit in the isle. They said no! The nerve!!!!!
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    Not to worry. I just came back from Tony Potters place. He has tables and chairs. Tent, fire pit and horseshoes. Plenty of free parking.

    I will have a map to get there from the hotel. Like I said I just came back from there. There is one strech of road that is under repair and is covered by loose stone. DO NOT follow too close to the car in front our you'll owe the car company a new wind shield.

    The colors are about 25%. The weather forecast is pleasant on Friday. Chance of showers on Saturday, and partly sunny on Sunday. For around here that is an excellent forcast. As long as we don't get rain. It is suppose to be cool. Probably jeans and sweatshirt, sweater or over shirt. No ice and snow yet.. It could turn to shorts weather like it was this past weekend.

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    So there I was just pulling on to BenMont Ave when the cell phone when off. At first I thought it was a salesman trying to sell me duct tape.

    This guy had a southern accent and my cell phone sucks. Put then he said again, "It's Scott Prince." Since he is coming in on Thursday he called to volunteer to help set up. Don't worry Scott I'll put you to work.

    But seriously I want you all to just relax and drive around and discover a little bit of the area.

    We are pretty well set. We have a few little things to do. But the caterers are all set. The t-shirts are picked up and really look cool. The beer is bought for the clambake. Just add people and we have a convention. I'm excited.

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