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    Have a customer who bought a large facility and they do a lot of welding. Building has crane rails everywhere and is about 28' tall.

    They are looking for something that can take the welding smoke out of the air without exhaust fans and MUA. Is there such a unit or units that are capable of taking the welding smoke air and cleaning it without exhaust fans and MUA?

    The building is about 75,000 square feet and they weld everywhere. I suggested roof fans and MUA and that was way to expensive.

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    riverman take a look at our web site. You not only need to remove the particulate from the smoke but the VOCs as well this can be done with a GAP tm and DDC system and special smoke detectors not photoelectric.
    I would still have an exhaust sytem tied into the DDC system if the designed system gets behind. There is no system on the market including ours that can handle large bursts of chemicals and smoke for long periods of time.There need to be a secondary system to back up the primary incase of failure lack of maintenance or just getting behind.

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