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    Quote Originally Posted by udarrell View Post
    Those runtimes are way too short!
    There isn't even enough runtime to reach an optimally cold coil; & virtually no runtime for dehumidification...

    Is the RM-TH where supply air could be affecting it?

    You need a SWING or cycles per hour adjustable setting RM-TH so you can achieve longer on-time run-times.

    The blower may already be set for 350-CFM per/ton of cooling; if not, I would try that setting for a colder coil & longer runtimes; for better humidity control.
    Thanks, I thought run times were low.

    Thermostats are located about 2' horizontally away from ceiling register. Register blows away from thermostat.

    My thermostats do not have a CPH setting (that I am aware of), and I know they don't have humidity control. Do you have a recommendation for thermostats with these features which will work with my AC's?

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    My personal opinion is CPH is not fixing the problem.

    In the commercial world that is building automation controls. Dont try and fix a building problem with controls, you will end up with an automated problem.

    Most new digi stats have Cph setpoints

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    Lower your thermostat to 76 degrees and see what that does for the humidity in the house.
    Building Physics Rule #1: Hot flows to cold.

    Building Physics Rule #2:
    Higher air pressure moves toward lower air pressure

    Building Physics Rule #3:
    Higher moisture concentration moves toward lower moisture concentration.

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