Engineered Solutions Manager/ Technical Services Manager/ Service engineer

This position requires superior technical capabilities combined with the ability to lend significant support to all factions of the company. The successful candidate must exhibit the ability to excel in the highly technical and theory based HVAC areas of:
** Basic and advanced electrical theory and practical applications in motors, transformers, heaters, variable speed drive technology, and solid state and reduced voltage starters.
** Electro-mechanical and electronic controls application and advanced familiarization with building automation controls.
** The ability to navigate controls software of Trane Tracer Summit, Johnson Metasys, ASI Controls, Honeywell, Automated Logic, and others
** Instructor's level understanding of the refrigeration cycle and theory with the ability to properly explain all related topics including: capacity control devices, hot gas bypass and hot gas reheat, evaporator pressure regulators, oil level controls, purge systems and their applications, refrigerant piping and sizing for efficient operation and oil entrainment, etc.
** Understanding the nuances of the new refrigerants and a significant understanding of the laws governing refrigerant handling.
** Universally certified in the handling of refrigerants
** In depth understanding of the properties of air and the psychometric chart.
** Hydronic and steam systems and the affinity laws
In addition,

** Demonstrate the ability to exude confidence in the presence of our customers
** Communicates with design and professional engineers
** Generates highly technical and concise reports for customers often times requiring layman's terms
** Hands on problem solving sometimes required for chronic equipment and component failures
** Works very closely with the Sales Engineers providing pre, during, and post support of the sale.
** In depth knowledge of Centrifugal and Screw chillers.
** Demonstrate proficiency with Microsoft Office suite software