i am working on walking freezer
which was not running
faulty starting component
ran unit it trip on low pressure switch.
frost on txv and distributor tubing
h.p 350 l.p 25# amb. temp 95*-100
l.p rises when not operating. l.l solenoid faulty
Replace l.l valve and filter drier . Recover (404a) freon
flush system after disconnecting txv w/dry nitrogen lots of oil came out of distributor tubing pull vacuum, break vacuum w/dry nitrogen 5# and again pull vacuum for 4 hrs. charged unit h.p 225 l.p25# box temp after 1 hr 53* frost still building on txv outlet and distributor. i am suspecting system is contaminated any idea what is going on my next step is to replace txv valve before doing that i wanna mke sure syetem is clean. is ther a way to check the system w/out opening.
any assistance or advice will be greatly appreciated